All Ages Poetry Contest Finalist: “Lesson in Mangoes” (Poetry), From the Cerulean Sea, 2013 [print]
Youth Poetry Contest Finalist: “Aquarelle” (Poetry), On Familiar Shores, 2013 [print]
"Hair(y) and Lovely, Sometimes" (Flash Creative Non-Fiction), Hippocampus Magazine, May 2018
Varanasi: Shades of Orange” (Essay), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Oct. 2016
Defining Kerala” (Essay), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Mar 2016
Multi-Genre Contest Finalist: “The Little Girl” (Flash Fiction), Sketches of Memory, 2014 [print]
Bringing Back the Culture of Cinema” (Entertainment), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Apr 2016
The Chai-Tea Conundrum” (Opinion), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Mar 2016
"How Dangerous is Delhi?" (Feature), Verge Magazine, Canada, Oct 2015
Weekly "Student Voice" Column – EdTech Times, Boston, Fall 2015 [this publication is no longer active]
Various Travel & News Articles  – Affairs TodayU.K., May–Oct 2015 [this publication is no longer active]
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