"thunder, flourish, blossom" Drunk Monkeys, Sept. 2022
The Puja Thali” Faith Zine 01, The Kindling Collective, June 2017
“Lesson in Mangoes” (Poetry), From the Cerulean Sea, Poetry Institute of Canada, June 2014 [print] – All Ages Poetry Contest Finalist
“Aquarelle” (Poetry), On Familiar Shores, Poetry Institute of Canada, July 2013 [print] – Youth Poetry Contest Finalist
Hair(y) and Lovely, Sometimes” (Flash Creative Non-Fiction), Hippocampus Magazine, May 2018
Varanasi: Shades of Orange” (Essay), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Oct. 2016
Defining Kerala” (Essay), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Mar. 2016
“The Little Girl” (Flash Fiction), Sketches of Memory, Poetry Institute of Canada, June 2014 [print] – Multi-Genre Contest Finalist
Bringing Back the Culture of Cinema” (Entertainment), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Apr. 2016
Postcolonial Pop Rock: Music of the South Asian Diaspora” (Entertainment), Five Cent Sound, Emerson College, Apr 2016
The Chai-Tea Conundrum” (Opinion), Atlas Magazine, Emerson College, Mar. 2016
How Dangerous is Delhi?” (Feature), Verge Magazine, Oct. 2015
Weekly "Student Voice" Column – EdTech Times, Fall 2015
Various Travel & News Articles  – Affairs Today, May–Oct. 2015
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